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Valves To Improve International Competitiveness Of Manufacturing Five Measures

Jun 24, 2015

1, adjust and optimize the valves industrial structure, promoting industrial upgrading

China valves profession for labour-intensive industries. China's export products, labour-intensive products still dominate the fairly long period of time, and should also see for a variety of reasons, advantage of labor-intensive export products is slowly weakening. China valve industry want to have long-term development, we must adjust and optimize the industrial structure, it is necessary to continue to give full play to the traditional advantages of the valve industry and developing knowledge-and technology-intensive industries and emerging industries, to promote the upgrading of valve industry. The only way to narrow the gap between China's valve industry and developed countries as soon as possible.

2, and the introduction of valve professionals, upgrade our intellectual capital

Current lack of expertise has become the bottleneck restricting the development of China's valve industry further, it will affect the international competitiveness of China's valve industry. To resolve this problem, you can take the combination of internal development and external introduction of road. On one hand, could enhance short-term training of employees in order to improve the present situation of human resources, on the introduction of high-quality talents through various channels, China's valve industry's intellectual capital.

3, promoting independent innovation, brand strategy, improving the added-value of products.

Currently, China valve industry also is to volume of expansion mainly, formed has in international market in the same level Shang of excessive competition, to change this a development way, will insisted innovation of concept, in products development and technology aspects innovation, can active and research units, and University for joint, common development new products project, efforts develop both at home and abroad market, then overcome number type growth, upgrade products grade, improve products of added value, focused on independent brand construction, To upgrade China's valve company's position in the global division of labor, enhance the anti-risk capability and its "bargaining power", thereby improving the competitiveness of valve industry's sustainable development.

4 and the vigorous development of the valve industry clusters, create valve industry chain

China's valve industry dominated by SMEs, it is difficult to compete with large companies in Europe and within a short time, which should give full play to the group a competitive advantage of industrial clusters using cluster-specific specialization and cooperation function, strengthen the competitiveness of the industry itself, occupies a place in the global market.

5, government guidance support role into full play, and create a good environment for the valves profession.

Increase major infrastructure, technological upgrading of enterprises and innovation, energy saving and emission reduction, SME support, introduced a number of effective policies to promote the development of enterprises valve brands in China, help for new product development and technological innovation. Such as the creation of "innovative compensation mechanism", through the implementation of tax breaks to compensate companies for research and development costs; for product innovative enterprises simplify examination and approval procedures, the provision of technical advisory services. To create a favorable environment for development, so as to improve the international competitiveness of enterprises.