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Valve Industry In China's Current Development Situation

Jun 24, 2015

With the development of China's valve industry, valve is also increasing, valves profession is also increasing, such as petrochemical industry, oil refineries, nuclear power industry, power industry, and are widely used. While a growing number of industry also has more new requirements for valves, valves are increasingly high requirements of quality and technology, Bai brings you look below the valves in the industry in the future. Petrochemical industries: petrochemical industry has been very fierce competition, of valve equipment requirements are the most restrictive, future automatic valve will work with industry, promote the overall level of valve equipment improved, developing multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption of petrochemical valves. Annual output value of China's petrochemical enterprises are in the hundreds of billions, it means our country has a great deal of valve market, we should change from the market's point of view to consider, to ensure stability and development.

From valves profession level of foreign situation, decades, a series of new prototypes and equipment abroad, compatible with the valves of the automation, large, complete sets and high parameters of and new varieties is growing. Such as fire dampers, emergency shutoff valve, water valves and quick closing valves, valve parameters have greatly improved. Such as valve temperature of 1200 ° c, maximum diameter of 4200mm, 70Mpa~105Mpa, ball valve pressure 3050mm. And foreign valve products, reliable varieties, longer life, better performance. Such as cast iron gate valve switch 30,000 times, reliable switching rapidly. Ball valve can reach more than 100,000 times without leakage.

In contrast, the technology of valve industry in China is relatively backward, China valves profession technology only foreign early 90 's level. Complete low level, currently only able to satisfy 20~30 million kW of thermal power stations and 450,000 t/a ethylene device matching valve. Valve products focused on the low-end market for high-end products development level is not high. And 600,000 kW thermal power station valves, 700,000 t/a 1 million t/a ethylene device protected by valve, still need to import from abroad.