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Valve Industrial Transformation And Upgrading Trend Analysis

Jun 24, 2015

Valves industrial transformation and upgrading in the current opinion is a must, but for enterprises, transformation and upgrading of the concept seems very vague, occupy the market share is the most important thing. Stages of the domestic valve manufacturing process for a long time, should break through the bottleneck, move in the development direction.

Valve industry in China has been in progress and the transformation and upgrading, and considerable progress has also been made. The first 10 years, we've gone through a focus on scale expansion, the expansion period. The scale of our industry and GDP increase, our factory has expanded, equipment, and personnel increases, productivity. For many types of processes and finished products from scratch, that is, from "will not do", "can't do" to "make", "make it". During this period, we fill the gaps in a wide range of products, status of the valve market is generally in short supply. However, with the adjustment of the economic structure, we must rethink and now the transformation and upgrading of the go from here? It must be noted that modern enterprise relative to the developed countries, we are still in the lower end of the industrial chain in the world, high-grade valve market share did not increase. This is mainly because of lack of sufficient market competitiveness of our products, especially in terms of stability and reliability, advanced countries regulating valves, control valves and China, there is a small gap between. So one of the main objectives of the transformation and upgrading of our current, was to have been on the basis of the scale and variety, to focus more effort "to do" on, that is, from the "can do" to "good" across.

In just the past 2012, became a watershed of the valve industry development. For more than 10 consecutive years of rapid growth, makes our valves manufacturing in a global manufacturing power levels. But as the global financial crisis and the slowdown of China's macro-economy, the market demand will return in consecutive years. At present we can see, valve greatly reduces the total market demand, while the demand structure in rapidly. The resulting sharp decline in us production of lower-end valve in order, with a focus on high-end users need valve is increasing. Transformation and upgrading of industries became urgent historic mission, improve the competitiveness of high-grade valve becomes the transformation and upgrading of priority at this stage.