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Seize The Opportunity To Speed Up Valve Industry Development

Jun 24, 2015

Now more and more fast-growing machinery industry, as a valve in the industry is no exception, we all know we general mechanical valves profession important branches. Its key products for fluid control devices are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, urban construction, environmental protection and so on. At present, the development of valve manufacturing industry is in a very good time.

Lower international trade barriers and adjust products structure in developed countries, China is becoming the world's biggest processing plant that trend appears, valve products manufacture greater space for development. How to seize the strategic opportunities, accelerate the development of valve industry. I think that to do a good job from the following aspects:

1, actively promote joint restructuring, as soon as possible to create a number of grades on a scale of enterprise groups. Valve industry currently produces more than about more than 5,000 enterprises, only 7 of the annual sales income of more than 50 million homes, more than 100 million of the 3, 200 million Yuan more than companies without. Nuclear SUFA in a domestic market share of only a business more than 2% and the rest are in 1%. This scale difficult to shocking in the market, and more difficult to compete with the internationally renowned companies in the same industry. To change this situation as quickly as possible, in addition to the enterprise's own growth factors, the most effective methods is through the joint between the enterprise, merger, restructuring enterprises in capital expansion so as to further expand the market, remain unbeaten in the competition.