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Present And Future Of Coal Chemical Engineering Valve

Jun 24, 2015

Localization of valve in China has always been a difficult task and a long way to go. Despite years of effort, China valves made gratifying progress has been made. Shanghai huatong valve has made a major breakthrough, has developed high wear resistance, high wear-resistant valve, ball valve wear-resistant knife gate valves crystallization, electric control valves, electric insulation valve high performance valves. These products valve is China coal chemical industry, petrochemical valves in the pipeline in the areas of wear and special medium Crystal inside the valve, resulting in rapid valve failure, frequent replacement of the bottleneck of normal operation problems, developed a unique patented technology products of superior performance and filled the domestic blank of such valves.

Localization of coal and coal chemical industry valves

As a modern power and consumption, domestic production of valve industry in China as in its series, special working conditions matching aspect there is a gap with developed countries. Valve for many key projects, such as the parameters, environmental protection, energy-saving valve still relies on imports. Dependence on imports is always easy being cutthroat. To achieve the technical level of continuing improvement, is not enough to rely solely on the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, should speed up domestic research and development of advanced technology and equipment and change the situation of this dependence. China valve manufacturers, to fundamentally change the situation of dependence, must understand the State of their key industries, localization of engineered valve. Thus, efforts to achieve China localization of all valves.

In addition, the national development and Reform Commission put forward plans by 2016 Coal Liquefaction oil 60 million tonnes a year, with a total investment of about 430 billion yuan, including equipment investment of about 210 billion yuan. Building and construction projects there Yulin Shenhua Coal Liquefaction project, Chinese Academy of Sciences coal liquefaction of coal expansion project. CTL (coal liquefaction method), is focused on the development of a new technology, has been approved by the State in building a annual production capacity of 5 million tons of coal direct liquefaction project in Inner Mongolia. Coal direct liquefaction process conditions are very harsh, valve made very high: medium temperature 420-500 ° c working pressure 17-30MPa; 20-80% solids content. Localization of the coal liquefaction using valve's valve industry is an urgent task.