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National Special Valve Engineering Center Was Set Up Special Committee

Jun 24, 2015

On October 16, the special pump valve by the State Engineering Technology Research Center, Beijing aerospace propulsion Institute (Beijing Aerospace 11) co-organised by the National Engineering Research Center for special pump valve Technology Committee of experts that the General Assembly held in Beijing.

Zhangnan, Beijing aerospace propulsion Institute Director introduction, form a technical Committee of experts aimed at improving research and development, external services, industrial organization at the same time, the absorption of pump and valve Centre for professional and technical backbone and peer experts and scholars at home and abroad, building high level academic and Exchange platform, leading the pump valve industry technological progress, accelerate the process of localization of pumps and valves. Technical Committee is made up of experts, including 25 academicians of national experts and 8 foreign experts.

It is understood that since 1984 for conversion since the Beijing Aerospace 11 to apply space technology to petrochemical, coal chemical and other leading industry of the national economy, with PetroChina and Sinopec to cooperate, has for a number of major petrochemical projects at home and abroad to provide complementary products. In 2007, aerospace science and Technology Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinopec, Beijing Aerospace 11 vinyl has also signed with PetroChina subsidiary energy saving, oil gas and other contracts.

National Engineering Research Center for special pump valve since its inception in 1992, Beijing Aerospace relying on 11, Beijing Aerospace petrochemical technology and equipment engineering company for the industrial base, pump and valve Centre appraisal agencies and type testing body for service platforms, supporting institutions, industrial companies, pump and valve Centre interaction, mutual support, independent mode of operation to carry out the work.