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In China Each Year, More Than 10 Billion Occupied By Foreign Valve Market

Jun 24, 2015

At present, China's valve industry still has some problems, such as valve enterprises mainly in the low-level, small-scale, cottage-type enterprises. On the product, due to duplication of investment and technology investment, the introduction of enough, valve company's leading product in China is still low-quality mass products. Exists at present the enterprise produces a variety of valve leakage, leakage, appearance quality is not high, short life expectancy, poor maneuverability and shortcomings of valve electric device and a pneumatic device unreliable, some products are equivalent to international standards of the early 80 's of the last century. Some valve of the high temperature high pressure and critical installations need to remain dependent on imports, and China's valve industry in the industrial structure, valve industry chain and industry specialization are larger gap with foreign enterprises.

Contributed to the poor quality of domestic products is due to rapid market expansion, the original state enterprise for valves guantingbingzhuan, machinery and industrial level is not high, township enterprises (private enterprise) developed rapidly. But from a low of township enterprises, technical strength is very weak, poorly equipped, most products are imitated, especially the low pressure valve for drainage, a serious problem.

But these problems do not affect the future prospects of China's valve industry. This is mainly due to: first, to support national policies. Second, the strong demand valve products market. In particular several project "West gas transported to the East", "West to East" and "North" project started requires a large number of products, such as matching, our country is facing the arrival of the industrial age, petrochemical industry, power sector, the metallurgy sector, the chemical industry and urban construction using large valves will enhance demand for valves. For example, the electric power industry in the "Eleven-Five" period in coal-fired power units for large and medium sized valves needed to project forecast total: valve needs 153,000 tons, the average annual demand 30,600 tons; valves total demand of 3.96 billion yuan, annual demand amounts to 792 million Yuan. Third, China is becoming the world's biggest processing plant, valve products manufacture greater space for development.