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China's Four Major Valve Development Trend Analysis

Jun 24, 2015

Market competition led to the valve round another round of fierce competition, the future trend of valve is the focus of the peer. Market analysts believe that the development trend of the four valves, will be the main topics in the market for quite some time.

Development of large, small and new products, such as small large valves and valves, track placed drive valve; development of variable speed products, such as wetland type, ultra-wetlands, deserts, thickets, high temperature and high pressure, low temperature and low pressure valves and heavy duty valve and light valve development of multifunctional, multipurpose products, use of a valve, high efficiency and energy saving. Promising products are: large valves, mechanical and electrical integration-control valve and high-power tracked gate, new track ball valve series, small butterfly valve.

Hydraulic control valve one valve with

Develop high performance hydraulic control valve, such as emissions, high sensitivity, high corrosion resistance, friction, zero leakage, the hydraulic control valve, integrated technology, computer technology, high level of monitoring technology of hydraulic control valves, exploitation * of good, high safety and comfort of the product.

Development high performance of large Regulation valve to adapted China major project of needed, development micro Regulation valve, to meet ditching dug Canal, and buried line cable, narrow job of need, development adapted power station, and oil, and coal, and water, and farmland, and urban construction the aspects need of new varieties Regulation valve; development on Regulation valve various workers condition can monitoring, and control and improved operation personnel working conditions of intelligent electric Regulation valve. Promising products are: the large and middle scale intelligent electric control valves, micro intelligent electric control valves, remote control type intelligent electric control valve.

Valve towards universal

Development of high safety, high * sex and the use of high levels of product performance, development equipped large valve valve integration of advanced electronic technology, development and deformation of products to a common, standardized, serialized direction.