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Anti-crystalline Electric Valves Introduction

Jun 24, 2015

Projects must first carry of coal and coal chemical liquifaction coal gasification, coal gasification conditions are very harsh, coal oil and coal to oil, gas, coal chemical projects is very strict with the valves, demand valves with high wear resistance, resistance to erosion, anti-fouling, anti-scarring, quickly cut off and other functions. High pressure (generally uses Class600 to Class900 pressure level), high temperature, medium (cinder) hardness is very high, frequent opening and closing, opening and closing speed (typically 3 seconds to 10 seconds), and the gas valve sealing performance, high reliability.

Crystallization electric control valves with steam jacket, applied on high temperature gas heated valve cavity, preventing the media at the inner wall of Crystal.

Sealing surface of superhard coating: Shanghai huatong valve using space technology "rockets sprayed metallic particle" technology referred to as "RAM", that is powered by a rocket engine at Mach 3 speed metal powder is sprayed onto metal surfaces, forming a 10 μ m ultra hard coating, surface hardness up to HRC72 (than traditional coating STL hard times), High temperature resistant up to 1800OF. RAM technology coating the valves can withstand any harsh media such as catalyst, ore, medium wear resistance of polymers such as erosion and corrosion of strong acid medium.

Valve settings heating system, used for high temperature gas heated valve cavity, cavity, preventing the media, and guarantee smooth opening and closing of the valves.

Valve settings valve stem guide lubricating system, ensure the frequent opening and closing of the valve operation and long service life.

Coal chemical industry special-purpose valve-electric crystal structure of prevention principles to ensure that the device is running in the lumen of the valve is not crystalline, ensures the continuity of the process, valve has been running on coal chemical plant for a few more years, well received by users.