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Analysis On Valve Market Trends

Jun 24, 2015

1, the domestic market, the domestic market was divided into new, expanded project market, unit maintenance, renovation project.

From the market, severely punished than for normal valve product and, secondly, between pressure up, competition, fake ... ..., the market is not standard, cause some valve manufacturer in the fierce competition, substantial losses year after year. The demand from the market, along with the development and improvement of the market economy, in particular progress in the World Trade Organization (WTO), its market is growing, businesses increasingly affected by the market, users increasingly high demand products on the market, demand for product development and production cycles are getting shorter.

2, foreign markets. Active in the overseas markets in recent years, and competition is fierce. East and Southeast Asia of valve import and export growth quickly, North America of EC, developed between of market trade continued development, Germany, and Italy, and Japan, and China, national and area of export expanded, United States, and United Kingdom, and France, national imports of high-speed growth, formed has international valve market prosperity of support points, Furthermore, due to world economic further international, multinational will constantly promoted international valve market of development, international trade area of is bi became another a big features.