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2015 FlowEx China Shanghai International Pump&Valve Exhibition

Oct 12, 2015

Time:10th-12th June,2015, Address: International Complex Exhibition (Yinggang,East Road No.168,Shanghai Province)

Exhibition Scope:

Kinds of Pump&Compressor/Valve&Actuator/Pipeline&Pipeparts/Sealing&OtherParts/P

Target audience:

Municipal construction and energy: oil and gas mineral thermal desalination ,municipal infrastructure ,nuclear thermoelectric ,power.

Heavy chemical industry: petrochemical, Fine Chemical Metallurgical Machinery ,Manufacturing cement ship

Light Industry: food ,pharmacy electronic ,paper

Environmental protection and water treatment: sewage / water treatment ,boiler feed water, desulfurization and denitration dust.

Civil : Building Water supply ,home heating ,HVAC Fire

Agriculture: agriculture, forestry, water conservancy irrigation water project

Our Company

Wenzhou Redstar Valve Co.,Ltd , Professional Ball,Gate,Check,Globe,Check Valve Mnaufacture and glad to participate in the Shanghai International Pump&Valve Exhibition in 10th-12th June,2015