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Globe valve working principle and characteristics

Jun 24, 2015

Valves on its pipeline in the media play a cut off and throttling the important role, truncation of the globe as one of the most important types of valves, the sealing is achieved by exerting torque on valve stem, valve stem to exert pressure on the disc in the axial direction, the sealing surface of valve and valve seat sealing surface is tightly attached to prevent gaps between the sealing surface of the medium leakage.

Sealing of the valve disc sealing surface and valve seat sealing surface composition, valve stem valve along the seat centerline for vertical movement. Valve height set in the process of opening and closing smaller, easier to flow regulation and easy manufacture and maintenance, pressure wide application range.

And another common industrial production compared to the block valves one by one valve, in terms of structure, valve out to simple, easy to manufacture and repair. From the life on, valve sealing surface easy to wear and abrasion and valve disc _ no relative slip between the sealing surface of the seat and therefore less wear and scratches on the sealing surface, so improving the service life of the seal globe valve in the closed disc trip short, its height is smaller valves. Disadvantages of valves is that torque is large and difficult to quickly open and close for the valve body flow more twists and turns, fluid flow, resulting in fluid power loss in the pipe.