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Considerations for using emergency shutdown valve

Jun 24, 2015

Always fire and life tube are two water supply distribution system consists of two pumps are water supply, from the pumping station to the building for a long distance by road, piped water supply. By laying two large road construction work, pipe materials more than 1 time, identify and repair a pipe or inconvenience and, secondly, fire line was rarely used, rust, corrosion thinning of wall and interface, usually without no pressure, and in case of a fire, pipe pressure suddenly increased, likely to burst, resulting in fire-fighting system cannot supply. Thirdly, Shanghai promoting pump pumped directly from the municipal pipe network, no longer sets the underground pool. This will not only eliminate the cost of the construction of the pool, while avoiding secondary pollution of water. Keep the water clean, and ensure people's health is the most important one. Because of these advantages, so the product is gradually being welcomed by everyone.

Emergency shutdown valve principle of emergency shutdown valve is one kind of hydraulic control valves. Is made up of the main valve, throttle valve, valves, pressure gauges and other fittings composition takes over. When main valve inlet pressure is lower than valve setting pressure, the pilot valve is in the open State, main valve cover the cavity pressure and the main valve on outlet pressure equal, import and export pressure and water flow through the valve port outlet. Dang fire pump up moving, or frequency pump pressure increased, over guide valve set pressure Shi, by main valve imports pass Wizard valve control tube pressure increased, role in spring Shang of pressure increases, down pressure tight, led valve core Xia moved, makes guide valve close, at main valve imports pressure through throttle valve constantly added to main valve valve cover Shang cavity, for valve flap by of down of pressure is greater than up of thrust, main valve close. Drew attention to the key point is that the inlet pressure is less than the set pressure of the valve is open, the inlet pressure is greater than the set pressure, the valve is in the closed state. There are many designers mistakenly think that just installed emergency shutdown valve, it will turn off, needless to say what conditions, it would be a mistake.