High Pressure Forged Steel 2500LB Ball Valve

High Pressure Forged Steel 2500LB Ball Valve with Extend stem

Product Details

REDSTAR High pressure forged steel 2500lb ball valve

Two piece , three piece body structure.

Round body and Square body type.

Both side NPT ends, SW ends,One side NPT,One side is SW.

One side need to extend ,One side not need.

Suit for below of DN50 .

Material is forging ,stainless steel etc

High Pressure Forged Steel 2500LB Ball Valve  







Design&Manufacture:BS5351 MSS SP-118

Face to Face Dimension:ASME B16.10

Socket Welded Dimension:ASME B16.11

Screw Ends Dimension:ASMEB1.12.1






We can design and manufacture according to customer's requirements.