MonoFlange D.B.B Ball Valve

MonoFlange D.B.B Ball Valve

Product Details

REDSTAR  Mono flange D.B.B Ball valve mainly using industrial pipeline.

Mono flange ball valve is instrument valve, body surface have three needle valve .

one side is  NPT ends one side is flange ends. both side is RTJ ends.

main function is sampling , save install time and purchase cost .not easy to leaking


MonoFlange D.B.B Ball Valve



Piping and instrument valves in one body

Weight, space and cost saving over traditional designs

Blowout-proof valve stems and needles

Complete traceability of materials

1/4 female NPT standard vent with plug

1/2 female NPT standard outlet with plug




1.Maximum working pressure:6000 psig 
2.Working temperature up to 1200°F ( 649°C ) with Graphite packing
3.Colour coded valve function identification
4.Fire-tested design in accordance with BS 6755 part 2
5.Flanged connections comply with ANSI B16.5 RF and RTJ
6.Pressure ratings in accordance with ANSI B16.34  

7.Every design is hydraulic pressure tested in accordance with EN 12266-1 and API   598
   Every set is tested with nitrogen for leak-tight performance at 6000 psig