Cast Steel Flanged Ends Y Type Strainer

Cast Steel Flanged Ends Y Type Strainer
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REDSTAR Y type strainer has the features of advanced structure,low resistance,and sewage convenience.its applicable medium is water,oil or gas. According to customer's requirement,,a filter mesh can be made. its shape is almost the same (Y-type) while its inner parts are all made of stainless steel,film and durable.Generally,water mesh is 18-30 meshs,gas mesh is 40-100 meshes, and oil mesh is 100-300meshes. The filter is composed of the shell,sewage cover,filter element,and filter mesh etc. The total mesh area is as 3-4 times large as that of the first cross-sectional area of the entrance pipe.


Cast Steel Flanged Ends Y Type Strainer



Design&Manufacture:API6D&ANSI B16.34

Face to Face Dimension:ASME B16.10

End Flange Dimension:ASME B16.5

Butt Welded Dimension:ASME B16.25






Material:WCB,LCB, WC6,CF8M,CF3M,CF8,Alloy Steel


Service: Water,Oil,Gas etc